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Where Athletes Come for Results

I'm fortunate to get to work, and occasionally train, with quite a few elite endurance athletes. While most are sponsored by well-known sports nutrition brands (I don't blame them -- these companies have much bigger budgets that we do), it's not uncommon for them to reach for our products when the stakes are high.  

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Daniel Matheny's Base Season Training Tips

With offseason still here for most of us and event schedules in the state of flux due to pandemic restrictions, Coach Matheny gives valuable tips on how to best approach your training. Whether preparing for mountain biking, road racing, or triathlon, these recommendations will help you maintain training flexibility when you're not sure when your next event will happen.

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The Third Amino Acid

Beta Red is our beet-based, pre-workout performance drink mix made from beet juice and key amino acids to boost cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, running, swimming, and skiing performance. Designed to maximize training and race performance by increasing aerobic and anaerobic efficiency,

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How Citrulline Malate, One of Beta Red's Key ingredients, Improves Performance and Recovery

We began development of Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula with deep, exhaustive research to determine which ingredients would have the most potent effects on improving performance. Over 18 months were spent testing countless ingredients and almost as many prototype formulas to develop the best pre-workout product possible for endurance athletes. Citruline Malate is one ingredient that stood out and earned its' spot in Beta Red.

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