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Get Creative to Maximize Holiday Fitness

Three simple steps to keep from being a sloth over the next couple of weeks! While the general population resigns themselves to losing fitness and gaining weight during the holiday season, there’s no reason those of us who value physical performance can’t employ a bit of creativity to continue the quest for improvement despite family commitments, travel, and everything else that goes with the holidays.

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Cyclocross Training 101 with Daniel Matheny

Cyclocross season is here! If you aren’t a diehard crosser, the season may have snuck up on you. But, not to worry, there is still time to hone your existing fitness to the demands of cyclocross racing - not to mention get in on the spectator friendly venues littered with heckling, costumes, beer and money hand-ups. Coach Daniel Matheny shares his cyclocross training overview with a few workouts to get you on course.

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Coffee Talk: The Latest One of Our Favorite Beverages

Like most endurance athletes, it's no surprise that we appreciate a good cup of coffee. We even go as far as using freshly roasted espresso beans in one of our original Enduro Bites flavors - Dark Chocolate Espresso. As such, we are always interested in new information on this magical bean.

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