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Roll with Bob Roll

Camp Director Chip Chilson and Bob Roll    Who? The Tour de France is in full swing and if you've been watching the US broadcast you're familiar with Mr. Bob Roll, aka Bobke. Even if you're not watching the Tour this year you're likely familiar with Bob's insightful and colorful commentary. His experience in the professional road cycling peloton, as well as in professional mountain biking, is as legendary as his way with words. What? Now's your chance to learn from and ride with Bob, and a who's who of the top coaches and sports scientists in the country, while surrounded by Moab's otherworldly red rock formations. Rides are organized by ability and fitness, so you can choose a group to go...

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A New Take on an Old Favorite: Beta Red Orange Brownies

The original Beta Red Brownie Recipe we shared a few years ago was an instant favorite, but we've recently discovered using Beta Red Orange makes them taste even better. (Don't ask why it took us so long to figure this out!) These tasty treats are ideal during long, hard training days where caloric density is your friend. They are also something I crave after glycogen-depleting workouts since they provide ample glucose and help speed recovery through increased oxygen saturation. Due to their sugar content, we recommend consuming these peri-workout (meaning just before, during, or after training or racing). Thanks to Katie Compton for the original recipe. All we did was substitute Beta Red Orange for Beta Red Original. This makes 9...

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Looking for A Few Good Men (and Women)

We’re looking for a few exceptional people to help spread the word about our products. You see, we aren’t good marketers; never have been. Our passion is developing and making great products to help people perform better. This is rare since few nutrition brands make their own products these days. Thus, we’re looking for active, athletic individuals who share passion for our products and an athletic lifestyle to help spread the word. Said individuals must have a strong reach in-person and/or online. They need not be world championship contenders, although being in such a position does give one a platform to influence others. Having a passion for our products is a serious requirement, however. We are not looking for anyone who simply wants...

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The Next Step in Recovery - Enduro Bites Nano CBD Drops

How often have you put in a hard morning workout and then found yourself functioning at less than full mental capacity at work afterward? Or, have you ever done a late afternoon or evening training session and found yourself struggling to wind down for bed before 1AM? We developed our Nano CBD Drops to help athletes better handle both of these scenarios.

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Brittany Warly - Overcoming Adversity

Those who’ve been following Brittany Warly’s athletic career as she advances toward the highest level of triathlon know she has dealt with repeated health setbacks including Epstein–Barr Virus and chronic sinus infections, so we decided to check in with her to see how she’s doing and what she has planned for the season.

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