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Onsighting Moonlight Buttress

I have dreamt about trying to onsight Moonlight Buttress for years. This iconic route ascends a prominent prow of immaculate sandstone for over 1000 feet of finger crack delight. Featuring flawless rock, thrilling exposure, and jaw-dropping scenery, this sustained journey breaks down into 10 pitches. The first four provide a friendly warm-up: moderates, with one slightly spicy 5.11 traverse to keep you on your toes. The next six pitches are the business. Each offers a unique test of one’s crack climbing proficiency, so depending on height, finger size, and level of endurance, the “crux” of this line varies widely by climber. The magnitude of this goal, with its physical and mental challenges, has long inspired and motivated me.

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Cherry Chocolate Anti-Inflammation Recovery Smoothie

If you've been following me for long you probably know I'm a big fan of smoothies. They are a convenient way to pack nutrients into your diet without much prep time; more nutrients and less preparation is a win-win in my book. Since I've been beating myself up lately with regular strength training, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, and road cycling, I've been trying new recovery techniques to allow my body to keep up. One key thing I've found that makes a notable difference for me is to ingest ample recovery nutrients within an hour of intense training sessions. Thus, I've combined these nutrients into a tasty smoothie that I can make ahead of time, store in a thermos bottle, and have waiting for me....

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Finding Balance

It's a never ending battle for those of us who live endurance sports lifestyles. The members of our executive team know this all too well lately as growing Enduro Bites as a company has required a huge time commitment.

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Under-Fueling: The Ultimate Sandbag

I love trying really freaking hard. I love digging deep, tapping the last reserves, and emptying the tank as I push my limits physically and mentally on the rock. I pursue climbing as a way of life because I enjoy exploring new places, meeting fellow adventure enthusiasts, and playing in the great outdoors. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Sport Nutrition at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. My goal is to help athletes use nutrition to maximize their health and performance. Through my studies, I have grown aware of the past inadequacy of my own dietary practices as well as the widespread acceptance of an unhealthy approach to food, diet, and weight throughout the climbing community....

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