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Terms and Conditions

It's easy. Get outside when you can, be a good person online. Wear sunscreen, stretch, and eat right. Our terms are about the same (and just as easy).

By using our site, you're agreeing to be followed around by us wherever you go, asking you if you'd like to buy more. Just kidding! 

But in all seriousness, we do set cookies so we can see how people use our site (We also eat them sometimes—we're not perfect). We don't sell your data nor do we have some nefarious tracking method that will reveal your deepest passions for dark chocolate and espresso. 

By shopping with us, using our site or commenting on our blogs, you just need to act like a normal human being and treat people respectfully in the comments (and everywhere you go, but hey we can only suggest that one). You agree that you're not a spammer or a hacker trying to get us to show you our chamois.

If you're that small sliver of humanity who can't just act like anything but a jerk, then we reserve the right to ask that you head over to one of those giant junk "nutrition" bar companies buy their stuff, not ours.

If you share an image or content on any of our sites, we may just tell you how much we love it and share it with our friends, too (as long as it's something mom would be proud of). 

Lastly, this is important: You promise to have a good time when you're outside. Be it riding your bike, running that trail, climbing that peak or getting after that powder. We, in turn, promise not to tell anyone that you just downed a couple Pale Ales and chips after your training session (not that we'd EVER do that, would we?).