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New to Strength Training? Try These Simple Routines

If you’re an endurance athlete of any kind, strength training can be incredibly beneficial. It can improve your balance, stability, strength, power, and resilience to injury. In the process, it can also improve your posture and proprioception (knowing where your body is in relation to space). With a stronger body, you can be less prone to injury, can be more efficient in your sport, and you can tolerate greater demands being placed on your body through your sport. However, all too often, strength training workouts on social media are complex and can be intimidating, especially if you are not used to strength training to begin with. This overwhelm can lead to frustration, causing you to avoid strength training altogether. Let’s change this.

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Dee Tidwell’s Cycling Training, Part 2: Gym Periodization

Dee is back with Cycling Training, Part 2: Gym Periodization. Off-bike training is important for everyone who wants to maximize cycling performance and minimize the potential for injury (as well as improve how quickly you can bounce back from injuries that do occur), but it is crucial for masters-level cyclists. Learn why gym work is so valuable and see where to incorporate it in the performance pyramid to create training balance throughout the season.

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Winter Survival Tips from a Trail Running Pro

Running through winter is possible if you follow trail running pro Peter Maksimow's  5 easy steps - appropriate beer pairing included. Resorting to a treadmill is not allowed, however. Whether it's subzero temperatures, snow, or ice, Peter's tips will help keep you running strong throughout the dark season.

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