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A Thank You and a Request!


I want to thank all of our great customers who have helped make the vision for Enduro Bites a reality. If you're getting this message, this includes you!

People who value qualify and see through marketing hype are the key to our success. You are the reason we wake up early to make Enduro Bites. We make them because they are what we also want to eat. It also sets us apart as these days it's extremely rare for brands to produce their own products. It's far easier to outsource production than handcraft them in-house for maximum freshness. Making our products this way is what matters the most to us, however. We are forever thankful to those who also value this.

Now I'm going to ask you for a favor. To continue making our products, and developing new ones, we need more like-minded customers. Unfortunately, we don't have a big marketing budget to attract such people, so we rely on word of mouth. This is where you come in. I'm asking each of you to refer one like-minded, potential customer to purchase one of our products at

Have more than one friend who would appreciate Enduro Bites, Beta Red, and/or Recovery Protein? Refer them and we'll give you a discounted order for each. We won't turn anyone away!

I appreciate your support.



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