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The Next Step in Recovery - Enduro Bites Nano CBD Drops

How often have you put in a hard morning workout and then found yourself functioning at less than full mental capacity at work afterward? Or, have you ever done a late afternoon or evening training session and found yourself struggling to wind down for bed before 1AM? If you're like me, you've experienced both of these more times than you can recall.

Most of us know about consuming carbohydrates and protein after our workouts to replenish muscle glycogen and support tissue repair, but there's little talk of systemic recovery. Strenuous and prolonged physical activity engage fight or flight hormones that are great for helping us maximize workout and race performance, but they are counterproductive when it comes to mental problem solving and getting restful sleep. Many of us resort to caffeine to get through the day after a hard workout, but habitual use can exacerbate the problem and leave us more depleted.

Because of this, I've spent the last few years looking for a nutritional solution to allow one to perform at a high level cognitively, as well as to attain more restful sleep, following intense physical activity. I've researched and experimented with every nutritional compound I could find that claimed to help, but most didn't provide a noticeable effect.

Then I came across cannabidiol - known to most as CBD. At first I was skeptical as I was under the impression that its promotion was mainly an excuse for cannabis enthusiasts to justify a habit. At the time I didn't realize that CBD is commercially derived from hemp, not marijuana. While marijuana does contain a small concentration of CBD, it typically contains much more THC - the primary psychoactive compound that gives the high sensation. The ratio of CBD to THC in hemp is essentially reversed - there is a small level of THC (typically not enough to justify using it to get high) and a much greater quantity of CBD.

It all begins with Hemp

To my surprise, I am now able to consistently achieve higher quality sleep while using CBD daily. I have also found that I have greater mental clarity during and following stressful activities. By allowing my body and mind to relax, I've been able to perform at a higher level sooner for my next workout. In short, it was exactly what I had been seeking: a very unexpected surprise! CBD is now a staple for me during intense training periods, as well as during other strenuous times.

The only negative experience in my CBD experimentation was the inconsistency between products - all are definitely not created equal. I even experienced inconsistent results within the same brands. This is what prompted me to develop our NEW Nano CBD Drops.

I started by sourcing the highest quality full-spectrum hemp-extract CBD available. Then I reviewed all the ways to help get the most from it. I found that nano dispersion turns a single drop of CBD into a million "nano" drops. This enhances bioavailability, in part by allowing it to mix well in water. In contrast to normal CBD, which doesn't mix well because it is an oil, these nano particles bypass some of the digestive processes required for lipids and allow it to be absorbed more effectively and begin working faster. If you have taken CBD in the past, you may want to start with lower dosage of our Nano CBD due to this.


CBD Nano Drops are great when you want to add a little cannabidiol magic to your water bottle for long, hard workouts. They can also be added to coffee and any other liquid, although I prefer to hold it under my tongue for a minute for immediate effectiveness.

Another notable difference is the process used to make the drops, allowing us to claim "no detectable THC," whereas most CBD products have up to 0.3% THC on a dry-weight basis.

As with everything else we sell, Nano CBD Drops are covered by our 100-percent money-back guarantee so you can try them risk free. If you're not satisfied, simply return the unused portion for a full refund.

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