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Chorizo with Sweet Potatoes and Kale Recipe

This is a great little recipe for an easy meal any time of day. It’s full of macro + micro nutrients and tastes pretty darn amazing. It’s great as is or rolled into a tortilla and frozen for burritos on the fly.

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Beta Red Apple Yum

We're looking forward to trying Heidi Coulter's Beta Red Apple Yum with Greek yogurt (for protein) as a post-workout refueling treat. This recipe was submitted to our How Did You Make That? Contest. There's still time to send us your favorite recipes with Beta Red or Enduro Bites. We’ve had some great combinations and we want to see what you have up your sleeve. Have a special Beta Red or Enduro Bites recipe that you've come up with for pre-workout? Or maybe something to fuel day-long adventures or races? How about a killer post-workout treat? Whatever it is, We want to know. The best entry gets a sweet Enduro Bites / Beta Red prize package.

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