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Peter Maksimow's Beta Red Green Sun Tea

With summer just around the corner and the temperature on the rise, now is the perfect time for Peter Maksimow's latest creation - Beta Red Green Sun Tea. Cool off and perform better with this refreshing blend.

-2 Scoops Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula
-4 bags green tea
-64 oz. organic water (preferably Manitou Springs Natural Spring water!)
-Eternal Sunshine
Pour 64 oz. of water in a glass container with lid. Remove lid first, obviously. Bonus points for repurposed container—I chose a Kosher Whole Dill Pickle jar. Stir in 2 scoops of Beta Red. Stir with authority. If you are feeling bougie, use loose-leaf green tea and infuse with a metal tea globe.
Place in sun and shower jar with Bougainvillea flowers to aid in the brewing process.
Wait several hours so the sun can heat the water and infuse tea. Look up at the sky (not directly at the sun!). Do some pull-ups. Go for a run…and Voila! You now have Beta Red-Green Sun Tea! 
Serve over ice cubes. Add honey for desired sweetness or limeade for a zingy beet surprise. Enjoy in the full sunshine, just make sure to first apply sunscreen!

Makes 8 servings.

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