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Why Nano CBD Drops?

Regular customers might recall that we originally released Nano CBD Softgels along with Nano CBD Drops. We've since stopped making the Softgels and only offer Nano CBD Drops, but why?

While we were proud of the quality of our Nano CBD Softgels, we and some core customers found that we got more from the Nano CBD Drops -- especially when each dose was held under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Doing so allowed for more complete and faster absorption. While I knew much of this before we ever released either product, the real-world effect was greater than  expected.

My own experience has led me to use our Nano CBD Drops exclusively even though I still have Nano CBD Softgels in my cupboard. Since I prefer to practice what I preach, and a significant number of others reported similar feedback, I decided to only make the Drops for now.

One more reason why we gravitated to our Nano CBD Drops: due to the speed at which they reach the bloodstream, I often take my bottle with me and have a dose midway through epic mountain bike and backcountry ski sessions. When doing this I've consistently felt sharper for the downhills and more energetic on the climbs. The benefits are well worth the minuscule weight of carrying the bottle in my pack. 

The liquid delivery system is also ideal for taking a dose immediately before bed to help you achieve a deep, more restful sleep, which is one of the best things you can do to speed recovery.

Now the bonus! Since we are focussing on Nano CBD Drops, and producing more of it, we are able to do so at a lower price. As of today, they are only $49.99 per bottle!

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