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Enduro Bites and Beta Red at the TransRockies Classic

Congratulations to Nick Gould and teammate, Travis Hauck, for dominating the Open Men Duo category at TransRockies Classic with an overall time of 24:34:48 while winning all seven stages! That's 348 miles of rugged mountain biking over the Canadian Rockies with 48,000 feet of elevation gain. Ouch!

Nick credits Enduro Bites Bars and Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula for helping fuel him over his epic journey.

Enduro Bites were a key component at the TransRockies Classic. We raced 550km from Panorama to Fernie through some of the gnarliest backcountry terrain in the Canadian Rockies. Eating real food was crucial as the days were 4-6 hours and the mix of natural sugars and complex carbs were exactly what the body wanted to keep the diesel engine burning strong.

Beta Red was crucial for peak performance over the 7 days of grueling riding. The aminos and nitrate from beet juice helped me ride at my max and recover between stages to go strong again the next day. It's tough enough to peak for a one-day race, but Beta Red got me up for all 7 stages.

We're in awe that of their win, but the fact they did so in dominating fashion at an event revered as one of the toughest mountain bike stages races in the world is extraordinary. Thanks to Nick for letting us play a role in his success.

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