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Jen Kates' Beta Red Pre-Workout Smoothie

Jen and Brian prepare Jen's favorite pre-workout smoothie in the first of our series on how to utilize the convenience of smoothies to train better and recover faster. 

Not all of our recipes will include Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula, but since this one does you can find it here.




  • Jen Kates w/Shift Human Performance

    @JB we have to add the ingredients separately because of the blender brand (Vitamix). For most typical blenders, you can just add everything at once.

    @Helena you can use whatever cherries you prefer. For this recipe, I use frozen red cherries that are more on the tart side. Hope that helps!

  • JB Brockman

    Is there a reason why you add the ingredients separately vs. all at once?

  • Helena M Klumpp

    By “red cherries,” do you mean tart or sweet? Assuming tart, but thought I’d ask. Thanks!

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