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Ambassador Spotlight: Joanna Yates

By Brian Maslach

Please join us in welcoming our newest ambassador: Joanna Yates!

Joanna is a remarkable human as well as being a phenomenal rider and coach. Her positive attitude caught my attention before I knew anything about her coaching or riding abilities. Her energy is contagious!

Not surprisingly, she is a professional mountain bike coach and guide at the Sedona Mountain Bike Academy. She is also the content creator and social media manager for Thunder Mountain Bikes in Sedona

Originally from West Virginia, Joanna initially developed her mountain biking skills in Slatyfork, WV. She moved to Sedona, a place many of us dream to be, to professionally utilize and further develop her skills.

She's definitely the type of person I am excited to utilize to help test and represent our products. It doesn't hurt that I've heard her favorite trail in Sedona is Hiline, as that's one I've yet to master.

Here's what she had to say upon joining our team:

I LOVE YOU guys! Thanks for making dope AF products! 

"I ride my bike A LOT, so having the right kind of fuel to keep me energized is important. I love Enduro Bites' products because of the taste! Fig & Dark Chocolate are my absolute favorite to take on a ride, I feel like I'm just eating a brownie. I've recently just started using Recovery Protein and it's been a GAME CHANGER! Fuel good, feel good!" 

THANK YOU! So stoked! 

We look forward to seeing & hearing more from Joanna; in the meantime, give her a follow on Facebook and Instagram (@joannajyates).

Joanna Yates

Joanna's favorites:


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