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How Do YOU Use Beta Red?

If you're reading this you likely know how great Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula works for improving performance, but do you know all the ways you can use it? I'm consistently surprised at the ways I find people using Beta Red and would love to see what you do.

These are some of my favorites:

Beta Red Limeade & Popsicles by Kelly Newlon.

Beta Red Waffles

The recently posted Beta Red Waffles by Erin Weber.

The famous Vegan Rice Crispy Treats -- also by Kelly Newlon.

Katie Compton's Beta Red Brownies disappear so quickly whenever we make them.

If you like to push the boundaries with training and nutrition, Daniel Methany's Beta Red Fasting Fuel is a must try.

Beta Red Pre-Workout Smoothie

Of course I'm partial to my own Citrus Power Pre-Workout Smoothie.

Whether simple or complex, don't hold back. Send me pics of your favorite Beta Red concoctions for a chance to win a Beta Red / Enduro Bites pack! I'l pick one winner from all submissions.

Now it's your turn. Ready, set, go!

While it's fun to create recipes, most days our Beta Red looks like this.

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  • Dave Woodard

    Real simple for me. I drink a portion driving or riding to the starting point. Most of my rides are 75/100 mile routes with lots of climbs so I take a second drink right before eating lunch. 68 years old here and just recovering from a major spinal rebuild. I really notice the difference in my time and endurance when I take the Enduro Red (I like orange flavor). Recommended to me by Steve at Bike Affect in Santa Monica, CA when he fitted my new Canyon Endurance CF SLX. USC basketball team uses beet juice products as a requirement for the basketball team to help with second half endurance. Works for me. Very happy with customer service.

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