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The Best Substitute for Beer

By Peter Maksimow 

People often ask me “what do you eat before a big mountain race?” My tongue-in-cheek answer is "beer, of course!" Then I follow up with the real answer, which usually is "it depends on the race." 

With a short, fast trail race lasting 30 to 45 minutes, I don't want much in my stomach. I prefer fast burning liquid calories. 

However, in a race like the Pikes Peak Ascent & Marathon, where I am close to max effort the entire race and burning calories like a wildfire, I want high-quality, natural, caloric-rich, great tasting fuel. Since beer is not a socially acceptable pre-race fuel, I choose Enduro Bites.

 Pikes Peak Enduro Bites

Enduro Bites are calorie rich (100 calories per square), made from ingredients I really like (Adriatic figs, raw and unfiltered honey, espresso beans, cranberries) and they use my preferred source of fat (virgin coconut oil). 

For my liquid nutrition, I have recently found huge success with Enduro Bites Beta Red, a beet-based powder mix with added amino acids that improve aerobic and anaerobic energy production. In workouts at high altitude, I have more energy with Beta Red and can perform at a higher level for longer periods of time. Plus I feel less dehydrated afterwards. 

Bottom line:  anything that stains your skin red must have the power to propel you up the mountain! 


Pikes Peak Enduro Bites

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