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Bucking the system by making the best

When our founder Brian Maslach struck out on his own to launch Enduro Bites, he had a very specific goal in mind: make the best possible product. 

It sounds simple, but it’s a surprisingly rare approach. 

Before Enduro Bites, Brian worked for decades in the nutrition supplement industry. There, he learned a thing or two about the status quo for product development in big businesses. 

Energy Bars for Endurance Sports

Typically, when a company wants to make a new nutritional supplement or energy bar, they go to a manufacturer with a wish list – specifications for price point, number of calories, amount of protein, type of flavor, etc. The contract manufacturer then comes back with a compromise that fits its system, offering to produce a product that meets a certain percentage of the criteria. 

The result is that large companies end up differentiating themselves by marketing and not by the products themselves. 

Here at Enduro Bites, we don’t want to compromise, so we do things differently. 

We started making our bars daily in our own commercial kitchen out of necessity. It was the only way to get exactly what we wanted. And, it came with the benefit of being able to create a truly fresh product that gives all of us a direct connection to what we’re eating.

Energy bars for Endurance Sports

Another way we buck the system here at Enduro Bites is by taking our time to bring new products to market. We get a lot of samples in athletes’ hands and take the time to look at our new products from different perspectives. This is because we only want to offer the best.

We also only create products that fill a void in the market. We won’t make something just because it’s missing from our line unless we're confident we can produce a product significantly better than what is already available. That, for example, is why we don’t have a during workout drink mix. 

The proof, as they say, is in the tasting of the pudding. Enduro Bites cost more to make than other commercial 'energy' foods due to our commitment. And while people occasionally balk at their higher price point, we see it as a badge of honor, a reflection of the fact that we don’t cut corners.

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