Fresh, Small-Batch Nutrition for Better Health & Performance

Great Tasting Nutrition that Goes Down Easy and Helps You Stay Strong

We all know that feeling… you’re well into a hard workout and you're not looking forward to eating another dry, bland bar... you'll burn all the calories just from chewing.

This frustration is a big part of why we developed Enduro Bites. They are soft and easy to eat -- as well as easy to digest. And, unlike gels and chew, they promote stable blood sugar to keep you going strong.

Because we handcraft Enduro Bites daily in small batches, you're guaranteed to get the freshest product possible. And, no surprise, fresh food tastes better. Enduro Bites Energy Bars

We carefully selected each ingredient to make sure Enduro Bites would be well tolerated while the body is under extreme training stress. We avoided the eight most common allergens – tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish and shellfish  because what's not in Enduro Bites is as important as what is.

Finally, since we developed them to promote stable blood sugar levels, Enduro Bites don't contain any refined sugars. After all, you can't perform your best if you're bonking. Performance aside, putting your body through extreme blood-sugar fluctuations on a regular basis is unhealthy which runs counter to why most of us are training in the first place.

We believe in being intentional with how we fuel ourselves while training and racing. Our objective is to create great tasting nutrition that goes down easy and helps you stay strong, even in the 11th hour. 

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