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We Made This!

By Brian Maslach

I'm behind with writing due to the overwhelming demand we've been experiencing for Enduro BitesTM Bars. Most companies in our position would simply call their supplier and order more product. However, unlike most companies, we actually make Enduro Bites ourselves.

At a time when most nutrition products, as well the majority of consumer goods in general, are produced by contract manufacturing companies on massive, automated production lines, I couldn't be more proud of the fact we make Enduro Bites ourselves. It would be far easier to have another company make them for us, but it wouldn't be the same. You see, I'm not willing to sacrifice anything about them to fit someone else's production process. 

To maximize profit margins, contract manufacturers prefer all the products they make to be as similar as possible. It's more efficient for them to not have to make significant changes between production runs. This is a big part of why many products resemble each other so closely.

The priority when developing Enduro Bites was to make the best endurance food possible. I started with a clean slate and analyzed each aspect to see how it could be optimized to better fuel hard-working endurance athletes. Then I got samples into the hands of world-class athletes where they were tested extensively during actual training and competition. I never considered, nor cared how well the recipe would work with someone else's production line and this is a big part of why we make them ourselves: Enduro Bites won't fit into the cookie-cutter processes that contract manufacturers employ.

If you haven't tried Enduro Bites, I invite you to experience the difference they can make during your training and racing: no more gut rot or low blood sugar blues since Enduro Bites are easy to digest and have a moderate blood sugar response. Train longer, train harder, all while enjoying what you eat on the bike, run, or whatever your endurance passion may be. 

Like grandma used to say, if you want something done right, you better do it yourself. We did.


Fresh. Simple. Delicious.



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