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The 1 Minute Guide to Enduro Bites

Here’s everything you need to know about Enduro Bites in one minute of reading or less.

Enduro Bites Energy Bars

Ready, set, start the timer ...

  • We handcraft Enduro Bites daily in small batches our commercial kitchen so we can ship each order as fresh as possible.
  • Each package contains two 100-calorie bite-sized squares. We recommend consuming a square every 20 to 30 minutes during exercise. As a guideline, most nutritionists prescribe 200 to 300 calories per hour of exercise. 
  • While not required, refrigerating Enduro Bites maximizes their fresh-made taste. If you don't plan to eat your Enduro Bites for a month or more, freeze them for long-term storage.
  • Enduro Bites are made of all-natural ingredients. They are gluten and free of common allergens: milk, eggs, wheat, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, and soybeans.
  • The question of whether Enduro Bites are vegan depends on where you stand on honey. Since honey is produced by bees, strict vegans tend to avoid it.  We classify Enduro Bites as plant-based. 
  • The white film you may have noticed on your Enduro Bites is from coconut oil, which solidifies when stored below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not harmful and will go away when warmed.
  • We’ve experimented with higher protein versions of Enduro Bites, but our athletes have consistently preferred the current recipe, which is lighter on the stomach and easier to digest.
  • You'll get 20 to 25mg of naturally-occurring caffeine from real coffee beans per 100-calorie square in Enduro Bites Dark Chocolate Espresso flavor. 

We hope you learned a thing or two about why we believe so passionately in the power of Enduro Bites to fuel long, hard efforts.

If you still have questions, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you. 


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