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How to Fuel Like a Cyclocross Single Speed National Champ

by Tim Allen

I used to fade super hard toward the end of a 1-hour cyclocross efforts. Now, in my final laps I've been able to launch attacks and even sprint to the finish.

My secret to success? Dark Chocolate Espresso Enduro Bites and the Beta Red Pre Race pre-workout formula.

After years of tinkering with nutrition, both the type and timing, I’ve dialed in a routine. Two hours before a race I drink a cup of coffee with one Enduro Bite (100 calories). Then, 1 hour before the start, I drink a bottle of Beta Red (1.5 scoops in 16 ounces of water) and eat another Enduro Bite.

Cyclocross is such a short and hard effort that it’s easy to eat and drink too much prior to the start. Fueling with Enduro Bites is just enough to get me through the last lap, with nothing extra left in the tank to weigh me down.

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