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Just opened up my email to the following from a customer.

"Great products... Your enduro bars are 2nd to none while alpine skiing in freezing temps.  Just getting back from a ski tour in France, Italy, and Switzerland. Took beta red and enduro bars to keep me fueled for the trip for aggressive skiing each day. Love them for my cycling & MTB training, too."

- Chris

To be honest, it's somewhat accidental that Enduro Bites ended up being easy to eat in sub-freezing temperatures. My focus in developing them was to create an all-natural, high-performance endurance food that tasted great and was easy to eat in more hospitable temperatures. The fact they are edible below freezing temperatures is a byproduct of this and not something I set out to achieve. Nonetheless, I'm thankful for this every time I'm on my skis.

Thanks for the feedback, Chris!

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