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A Summer to Remember

How will life on the other side of the tunnel look?

Unless you've been self-isolating without internet access you're undoubtedly aware that practically all cycling, triathlon, and running events have been canceled or postponed for the near future. With so many issues plaguing the country, as well as the planet as a whole, having races and other events canceled or rescheduled doesn't seem that important. Yet, these events serve as outlets and focal points to many of us. They give us something to build up to and provide opportunities to connect with friends and other like-minded people, and it's a huge letdown for them to be gone.

Since we can't go back to a time before COVID-19, the best thing we can do is make the most with what we have available. Training for major events often keeps me from trying and/or doing new things. Without focal points looming on my calendar anytime soon I'm taking advantage of the situation and switching things up.

I started switching things up just after the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival in March when I realized that the races I had planned to compete in likely wouldn't be happening. Since then I've been focussing on improving my mountain biking skills by riding exclusively with flat pedals. It's been paying off with improved technical skills and they now feel natural to me. I've also made it a point to spend at least a few minutes daily working on basic mountain biking skills and I can see a difference when riding technically-challenging terrain. Could I have done these things while focussed on upcoming races? Yes, but they would have gotten pushed down the priority list in the past when my focus has been on fitness.

It's time to check on the Skunk Cabbage crop!

It's not just skills work for me, however. I'm planning to explore areas relatively close to home that have been on my 'list' for years. Whether by bike or foot, I'm looking forward to breaking free of my normal routine since achieving peak fitness is not an objective for now. I've long wanted to hike more 14'ers, so perhaps I should start researching which to tackle first. Maybe it's time I mountain bike'd one or two as well.

High-elevation now is melting, which means more alpine adventures! 

I love structure and intensity of training and do it even when I have no plans to compete, so I'm not concerned about losing fitness. I suspect I'll gain fitness by switching things up anyway.

I'd love to hear how you plan to make this a summer to remember. How are you going to take advantage of the lull in the competitive schedule?




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