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5 reasons why the fig is a sport nutrition staple

Figs are one of the main ingredients in all Enduro Bites. Clearly, we think rather highly of this ancient fruit, which – fun fact – has been part of humans’ diet longer than wheat, barley, and legumes! Mildly sweet with a unique texture, some fossil records show figs appearing in our diets at about 9400-9200 B.C.

Today we share five reasons the fig is a sports nutrition staple!

1. The perfect sugar/fiber balance

Figs are naturally sweet while containing a moderate amount of carbohydrates. Figs also contain soluble fiber. The upshot is that they provide steady, consistent energy by regulating digestion. Refined sugar and/or rice crisps by contrast spike energy levels and then quickly cause you to bonk.

2. They prevent cramps

Figs are a true superfood, containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and magnesium. This means figs help to prevent cramps. Potassium also helps to balance out the sodium concentration in your blood to lower blood pressure.

3. They’re good for your bones and blood

Figs help with bone development and heart/muscle contractions because they contain the highest calcium content of any fruit out there (about 16%DV per 100g). And, if you’re cutting back on red meat, the figs in Enduro Bites give you 2% of your daily iron, which helps build healthy, oxygen-carrying red blood cells. 

4. They help counteract acid buildup

Muscles at work generate lactic acid, pyruvic acid and CO2, which can lower your overall blood pH. Introducing alkaline-forming foods (like figs) balances the resulting acidity, giving you renewed power and endurance. 

5. They’re always gentle on the belly

Athletes who fuel with Enduro Bites report that the fig-based bars are easy to digest. It helps that we avoid gluten, nuts, soy and other potentially inflammatory ingredients, but the inclusion of figs also plays a major part. Maybe it’s because they’ve been part of the human diet for so long – or maybe it’s because of their incredible health properties – but we’ve found figs to be an ideal fuel for long, challenging events.


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  • Britta Dempsey

    I like enduro bites for Ironman training and races for all the nutritional reasons, plus they got nicely in my bento box on the bike. Additionally, they are a great snack for my teenager with nut allergies! Thanks a million for that!

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