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Enduro Bites Sampler Pack - Enduro Bites Sports Nutrition

Can't commit? Pick and choose your favorites with our sampler packs, so whether you're in the mood for Fig and Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Espresso, Lemon Cranberry, or Cinnamon Blueberry, you're covered. 

Chocolate Lovers contains 4 Dark Chocolate Espresso, 4 Fig and Dark Chocolate, and 4 Cherry Brownie. 

All flavors pack contains 3 bars of each flavor and come in a 12 pack, or 24 pack only.  

Two pre-cut 100-calorie servings per package. All-natural and free of gluten, dairy, soy protein, peanuts, tree nuts, and GMO ingredients. Handcrafted daily in small batches so every order ships fresh directly from our kitchen

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Enduro Bites Sampler Pack

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