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Natalie's Don't Get A Big Ass Salad

When you don't want dinner to go straight to your butt, Natalie's Big Ass Salad packs the nutrients you need to recover and perform without the extra you don't. This recipe comes from our Social Media Director, Natalie Starr.
Handful of Arugula 
Chopped veggies of choice (I have jalapeño, watermelon radish, cucumber)
2 petitie roasted potatoes
Mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruit (I used sesame, walnut, dried tart cherries, pepitas)
1/2 cup of cook quinoa 
1 thin cooked chicken breast (chopped)
Toasted sunflower seeds-cooked over the stove top in EVOO, cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper
Salt (to taste)
Fresh squeezed lemon  (to taste)
EVOO  (to taste)
Easiest recipe ever: mix 'em all togetha! And you’ve got yourself a healthy, tasty, BAS! 
If you want this to be your entree, add a protein source, either on the salad itself or on the side,

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