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Brian’s Peanut Butter Banana Surprise

I'll admit it, I'm not as lean as I want to be. Gone are the days (for now) when I can get away with consuming a pint of Ben & Jerry's as part of my post-workout meal and stay lean. The problem is that I have a verifiable sweet tooth and I crave tasty treats daily. The solution? Find healthy alternatives that satisfy my cravings without overshooting my caloric requirements.

This simple recipe is one such option. It consists of 4 simple ingredients: a frozen banana, peanut butter, Recovery Protein, and a splash of coconut milk (or any other dairy or non-dairy alternative). The final product isn’t exactly low in calories, but it’s packed with protein and monounsaturated fat, and its far lower in sugar than my favorite ice creams.

The only other requirement is that one needs a high-speed blender such as a Vitamix or a food processor to prepare it. Since I use my Vitamix daily, I use it for this demonstration.

Special thanks to my co-star Jen Kates of Shift Human Performance for her help with this video!

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