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What's in your Enduro Bites?

This week we are featuring everyone's favorite morning pick me up -- coffee! 

So where do the coffee beans in Enduro Bites Dark Chocolate Espresso come from? Well, first off, we are coffee snobs and weren’t going to put just any roast into our bars. We tried beans from top roasters throughout the country, but couldn’t get the taste quite right. Finally, we finally came across a roast that was perfect, and it turns out it was right under our nose the entire time. 

High Rise Coffee Roasters is only about a mile from our kitchen, which means every time we make a batch of Dark Chocolate Espresso Bites, we pick up freshly roasted beans. This means your bars are about as fresh as it gets when you order them, which makes all the difference. After all, fresh food tastes best!

High Rise not only has killer beans, but they have a great story as well. It is a small father/son operation here in Colorado Springs that is quite old school. They don’t do much advertising, don't have a flashy website, have somewhat limited hours, and don’t even serve coffee onsite. This means that they spend most of their time perfecting their craft, which is roasting the best beans possible.

So, next time you bite into an Enduro Bites Dark Chocolate Espresso bar, realize that the delicious coffee flavor didn’t come easily, but is by far the best around.