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Before. During. After - How to Combine Our Products for Maximum Effectiveness

I regularly receive questions about how to best incorporate our products for maximum effectiveness. While there’s more than one way to do so based upon each individual’s situation I thought I’d give my daily routine as an example. 

My first meal of the day is usually a smoothie and Beta Red and Recovery Protein are staples in it. You can find some of my favorite smoothie recipes here. I usually include 1 scoop of Beta Red as a maintenance dose for light training and rest days, but I bump it up to 2 scoops when I’ll be incorporating higher volume and/or intensity.

If I train in the morning, it’s usually after my breakfast smoothie and I don’t require much food as I perform best on a less-than-full stomach. However, during the week I usually workout in the afternoon and it’s not unusual for my work schedule to be a little erratic and I don’t always know exactly when I will start. When a window of free time pops up, I try to get out as quickly as possible. Since I don’t want to take the time to make and eat a traditional meal, eating an Enduro Bites bar while getting kitted up is the perfect solution, quickly topping off my fueling with 200 calories.

I then keep myself fueled during the workout by eating an Enduro Bites square roughly every 30 minutes while training. My ‘go to’ flavor is Fig and Dark Chocolate, but I like to rotate through our other flavors to give my tastebuds variety. On warm summer-like days, which I’m craving now, Enduro Bites Cherry Brownie becomes a favorite, as it’s like a fresh brownie after being in my pocket. 

These work great for winter workouts too since they don't freeze solid!

I’m often asked what I drink while training. More often than not I stick with water. Most carb / electrolyte formulas are a simple mix of sugar, salts, and flavoring, and I’d rather not have the refined sugar unless it’s during a high-intensity session. I prefer solid food during lower-intensity training to keep me satiated and to train my body to better rely upon using its stored fuel. In case you’re wondering which carb / electrolyte formula I reach for when it is appropriate, I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients to find an ideal combination so that we can eventually offer a new product. On days when the temperature is high and I expect to be sweating a lot I'll either add 500-1,000 milligrams of sea salt to my bottles. I've just started experimenting with LMNT electrolyte drink mix as well since it's high in sodium and free of refined sugar.

Following my workout, I try to consume at least 20 grams of protein and 40 grams of carbohydrates to jump start recovery. Recovery Protein makes it easy for me to get the protein before I shower or can make a meal to further support my recovery. Most recovery formula are loaded with refined sugar, which is counter productive in the long run. Try to stick to real food for your carbs. It will help improve insulin sensitivity and make it easier to get and maintain a lower body fat level.

If a workout has left me mentally depleted, I’ll hold a dropper of Nano CBD Drops under my tongue for a minute so I can begin functioning more quickly. If it's not too late in the day I'll pair this with a shot of espresso to keep me sharp. If the workout wasn't mentally taxing I’ll wait until bedtime and take 1 or 2 doses depending on how beat up I'm feeling to promote deeper sleep and better recovery. I consistently wake up feeling more refreshed when I do this.

Unfortunately we stopped selling our Nano CBD Drops online due to repeated hassles from credit card processing companies, but I still have extra in my unopened personal stash that I'm willing to share with regular customers at a great price. Please reach out to me at if you're interested.

Let me know if you have questions on how to apply any of this to your routine. I’m happy to help!

For those who want to use our products together you can save money by buying them bundled here.