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Beat Holiday Stress with Nano CBD Drops

The Holidays are here and so is the stress that goes along with yule tide during a pandemic.

Whether it's the strain of training, work, family, or more likely a combination of all the above, Nano CBD Drops can take the edge off and help you sleep better, recover faster, and awake feeling more refreshed. Sleep is after all the often neglected variable when it comes to recovery from all types of stress.

Our water-soluble Nano CBD Drops are ideal since they are quickly and efficiently absorbed under the tongue, which allows them to start working immediately (typical hemp-oil-derived CBD needs to undergo lymphatic digestion, which is a significantly slower process). I typically have one dose with my morning coffee to help me start the day with a clear, yet relaxed mind, and a second dose after late-day training or before bed to promote relaxation and deeper sleep.

Like many of you, I was a CBD skeptic. I figure hemp and CBD were just another way for stoners to get stoned. I was ignorant. That was until someone I trust gave me a sample to try. The effect was subtle, yet notable. I tried more and consistently observed the same effects. I found myself awaking more refreshed, even after big-training days (Monday mornings!), and less stressed / anxious when my daily schedule got turned upside down.

Our Nano CBD Drops are also free of THC, which is important for those like me who are sensitive to this psychoactive compound. I want, make that need, to function at a high level cognitively. I don't have the luxury of being able to zone out for the rest of the day after a workout. CBD helps clear my post-workout mind, whereas even the slightest content of THC glues me to the sofa and turns off the parts of my brain that control productivity. Hold the THC and Doritos, please.

To help keep the holidays festive, we're reducing the price of our Nano CBD Drops to $49.99 while supplies last. If you haven't tried CBD before, this is the perfect time to do so. Our Nano CBD Drops are processed from the Colorado-grown hemp before being emulsified with MCT oil. The end product is the highest quality, most effective, water-soluble CBD supplement available.

As with all of our products, Nano CBD Drops are also backed by our 100-percent money-back guarantee. If you buy a bottle and aren't satisfied we will refund the purchase price. We believe in everything we sell and want you to be able to try new products risk free.

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Happy Holidays!