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Amity's Favorite: Enduro Bites Dark Chocolate Espresso

Amity Warme is an incredible athlete. If you've spent any time following her, you're likely as speechless as I am about her breathtaking climbs.

Since the nutrition nerd in me is always interested how elite athletes fuel, I recently asked which of our products is her favorite.

Her answer?

"It’s hard to choose a favorite product from Enduro Bites - I have yet to try one that I don’t enjoy! If I had to pick though, the Dark Chocolate Espresso Bites are my number one. When I am out on a big adventure in the mountains, these bars can provide a much needed kick of energy to keep me going strong. I’d never been a big fan of energy bars until I found Enduro Bites. Now, I look forward to packing these bars when preparing for a climbing objective or big day of adventure. They taste delicious and I feel good knowing I am fueling my body with fresh, whole food ingredients."

Coming from someone working on Master’s degree in Sport Nutrition who also pushes her body to the limit, this is unquestionably high praise.

Thank you, Amity!