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Where Do I Begin?

It seems as though my entire life has been leading to this point, so it’s difficult to point to a beginning. I became interested in nutrition and human performance soon after I began BMX racing as a kid. My interest grew and I went on to study nutrition and human performance in college and was lucky to land on the ground floor of a start-up supplement company that would become very successful.

It was during my years there that I learned the ropes of the supplement industry. From raw materials and manufacturing to marketing and sales, I got to play key roles. What interested me most, however, was product development. To actually get to research and design formulations and then test their effects was a dream come true. I got to work with world-class athletes, and even worked on projects for a few ‘A-list’ celebrities.

My greatest surprise during this period was seeing just how little science and research most companies put into developing products. It was shocking to discover that companies who marketed their products with science actually put very little, if any, research into them. This included some of the most “respected" brands, often featured in full-page magazine advertisements emphasizing seemingly credible scientific claims. I still remember my disappointment in learning that these were really nothing more than marketing organizations. Sometimes seeing behind the curtain hurts.

Now that I look back I see that this discovery combined with my passion for developing nutritional solutions to improve human performance were the genesis for Enduro Bites.

I’m excited that we’ll soon be able to share Enduro Bites with everyone.

Stay tuned!

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