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I'm fortunate to get to work, and occasionally train, with quite a few elite endurance athletes. While most are sponsored by well-known sports nutrition brands (I don't blame them -- these companies have much bigger budgets that we do), it's not uncommon for them to reach for our products when the stakes are high.  

Here's a message I just received from one of them that illustrates this.

Thought you’d find this amusing. PowerBar sends me tons of free shit. When it matters, I use your goods. 30 hour trail race last weekend & I crushed 10 Endurobites. Not only is it the only bar that doesn’t turn into a frozen brick at 20 degrees but it’s the only sports bar I can do for something like that. 

This is the sort of feedback that means something because it's not coming from someone we financially support. In a world of social media influencers, complimentary words are easily bought.

It's also refreshing because these comments touch on some of the attributes I worked so hard for Enduro Bites to have. Many months were spending developing and testing different recipes until we had a product that was easy to eat, easy on the stomach, and provided a steady blood-sugar response for maximum endurance. And being based in Colorado and loving to ski, they had to be easy to chew when the temperature drops below freezing. Don't try that with the typical energy bar.

This isn't the time you want your nutrition to be as hard as a rock.
Regardless of the climate, our products are made to fuel the most discriminating endurance athletes. Whether you're training for a Gran Fondo or a Grand Tour, we can help you reach your goals!

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  • Jen

    So true, Brian. These bars never freeze when I’m out for a snowy hike or a chilly bike ride. This not only means I’ll have stable blood sugar, but I’ll also save on dental work from chipped teeth (hey, it’s happened to my riding buddies before). ;)

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