The Malibu Gran Fondo: pairing great cycling with gourmet food

Here at Enduro Bites we’re super excited to once again support the Malibu Gran Fondo, which will be held March 4 and March 5. This two-day event traverses a mix of rolling terrain, agricultural farmland, fast and scenic coastline, and an epic climb to a summit finish in the Santa Monica Mountains. 

It also features a fine dining experience that goes well beyond your typical event fare. The fresh, whole-food nutrition at the Malibu Gran Fondo provides you with the cleanest burning fuel possible on and off the bike.

Their approach to pairing great cycling with delicious, nutritious food mirrors our philosophy here at Enduro Bites. We believe to our core that what we eat not only matters to our long-term health, but also intimately affects our performance. How you eat on and off the bike trains your body just like an intense ride.

That is why we make Enduro Bites fresh daily in our kitchen using the highest quality ingredients to be blood-sugar friendly while being easy to eat and digest. It’s also why we’ve gone out of our way to avoid the eight most common allergens in our bars (tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish and shellfish). You can learn more about our thoughts around eating with a purpose here.

Our shared philosophy toward nutritious food is why we're excited to support the Malibu Gran Fondo. The awesome terrain and first-class production are an added bonus. We hope you’ll join us (learn more here). And, just in case you need a little nudge, here are a few photos of last year’s event to get you inspired. Looking forward to seeing you on the breathtaking climb up Latigo Canyon!


malibu gran fondo malibu gran fondo
malibu gran fondo malibu gran fondo
malibu gran fondo malibu gran fondo
malibu gran fondo malibu gran fondo

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