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Enduro Bites Nano CBD Drops on the Trail

Heading out for a long ride, run, or other endurance activity and want to get the most from it? Enduro Bites Nano CBD can help.

While I normally take one Nano CBD Softgel in the morning and evening as a maintenance dose to aid with general well being and sleep, I've found that a dose of Nano CBD Drops before long mountain bike rides and then 2-3 hours later during the workout has me suffering less on the climbs and more focused for the descents. It's as if this keeps my mind from fatiguing at the same rate as my body.

For the quickest effect, squirt the drops under your tongue and hold them there for a minute before swallowing. The nano-sized particles are ideal for sublingual absorption. When I do this during a quick break in my ride I feel fresher almost immediately.

On days when I'm training after breakfast, I just use my Nano CBD Drops (as opposed to the Softgels and Drops combined).

This protocol has me feeling fresher after my workouts, which goes to show that recovery is as much about what you do before and during training as it is what you do afterward. 

If you give this protocol a try, please let me know how this works for you.


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