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How Did You Make That? (Contest)

by Brian Maslach

Beta Red Pre-Workout Smoothie

I love experimenting with our products in recipes, but seeing what other people come up with is even better. From Katie Compton's Beta Red Brownies to Matt Cusack's Beta Red Orange Cranberry Muffins and Kelly Newlon's Beta Red Limeade, I've gotten to try some great combinations.

Beta Red Limeade Popsicle

I now want to see what you have up your sleeve. Have a special Beta Red recipe that you've come up with for pre-workout? Or maybe something to fuel day-long adventures or races? How about a killer post-workout treat? Whatever it is, we want to know.

Show me your best recipe(s) using Beta Red, or Enduro Bites, for a chance to win more. Just think of all the experimenting you'll be able to do with your fresh supply! Please include pictures and/or video of the process and finished product. Entries should be submitted to 

Mixing Enduro Bites' Ingredients

To get things rolling, here's a super simple submission I received from Jason Schutz.

Soda water and Beta Red Original might possibly be my new favorite drink anywhere. Mix a half glass of soda water (about 10 ounces) with a heaping tablespoon of Beta Red. When the soda water goes in first it doesn't let any of the powder stick to the glass or clump up. So when the drink is done its all gone and nothing to really clean up.

Now get to work and show me what you've got!


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