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Q&A with Joel Moody, founder of Revolution Bike Shop

Welcome to our newest series featuring the small retail shops that carry Endurance Bites. We’re kicking things off with Joel Moody, founder of Revolution Bike Shop in Solana Beach, CA.

Who are the owners and/or managers of your store? Tell us a bit about them.

I started Revolution 7 years ago. After the market crash in 2008, I was looking to do something different and saw a gap in the cycling industry of having a bike shop where everyone is treated equal. I wanted to bring customer service and that mom & pop bike shop feel back to the forefront.

Starting the shop with limited funds I took the plunge and it quickly snowballed into what we have become today. I hired Mikki Suvia 3 years ago as my Manager. Mikki has been in the retail business for 25+ years. An avid bike packer, Mikki rides into work most days on his loaded down Salsa Cutthhroat.

How do your customers describe your store?

The first word we always hear from our customers is how open and inviting it feels here, and it just has a good vibe. We have big roll up doors and a barn door and it’s just a nice open environment. We put all the bikes outside for a unique display. We utilize both indoor space and outdoor space to make it a very at home feel.

What is the focus of your store?

We try to have something for everyone. So we carry everything from high-end road, tri, and mtb, to beach cruisers and hybrids. We even have electric bikes, bike packing bikes, and fat tire bikes. We can put anyone and everyone on a bike! 

Why did you decide to start carrying Enduro Bites?

We started carrying Enduro Bites as we wanted a product that is clean and keeps our customers healthy and happy. Having a great tasting product with pure ingredients that doesn’t bother your stomach is important to us. The ingredients and the taste are the biggest reasons we choose to carry EB. It just works!

What’s the best part of running a shop?

Being able to help people is really satisfying. Knowing that we are getting people on bikes and helping them stay fit and look good doing it is fun. We strive to make relationships, and not just sell things. Our repeat customers and friends of the shop bring us all together and make us all happy to be part of Revolution. We have the best employees and the best customers around. When you surround yourself with such good people it makes it hard to call this work.

What’s the most challenging aspect?

The most challenging aspect is that it’s still running a business. As we have grown every year it gets so busy and overwhelming at times trying to give your all to everyone who walks through the door. With our good year-round weather, there is always an event going on or something important to do, so it’s hard to keep up, but we give it our best! 

How do you get involved with your local community?

We do a lot of local events with local schools and charities. We love to open up our large parking lot for events and pit stops for almost anyone that asks. We don’t like saying no!

What’s the most interesting or surprising trend going on in the bike industry right now?

I would say the few interesting things going on are the road disc bikes. These carry over into the gravel grinders as well. We have seen a big uptick of people wanting to get off the road and away from the cars.

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