Kitchen Sink Power Salad

Today we bring you another recipe from our contributor Emanuela Bandol!

Here's a quick and dirty "recipe" I made up one day when I had odds and ends  ingredients, needed to go grocery shipping, but didn't feel like leaving the house due to the smoke in the air.

I essentially took everything out of the fridge and got it ready for a self-assemble salad! 3 huge servings!

- half bag arugula

_ 4 purple heirloom potatoes

- 1 heirloom tomato

- hemp seeds

- pumpkin seeds

- sesame seeds

- 2 boiled beets

- 1 cup cooked quinoa

- handful of basil from my garden

- 1 chicken breast

- 1 hot pepper

- 3 small carrots and shredded



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