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Fish Oil Protects Against Allergies

New research published in Clinical and Experimental Allergy adds to the mounting list of benefits to consuming fish oil. This time researchers looked at the the effects on infant immune function after administering a fish oil supplement.

Researchers concluded,

Postnatal fish oil supplementation increased infant n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) levels and associated with lowered allergen-specific Th2 responses and elevated polyclonal Th1 responses. Our results add to existing evidence of n-3 PUFA having immunomodulatory properties that are potentially allergy-protective.

In other words, the researchers confirmed that the fish oil supplement administered was absorbed by the infants, and that the chemical responses associated with certain allergies was lowered.

Of particular interest due to my own issues was that the researchers saw significantly improved effects related to dust mite and milk protein allergies among the fish oil supplemented group. Anecdotally, my dust and dairy allergies seem to worsen when I’m not consuming fish oil regularly.

Whether it’s to potentially lessen allergies, improve cardiovascular health, reduced damage from endurance training, or maintain a leaner physique, everyone should be either consuming fatty fish regularly (at least twice per week) and/or supplementing with a high-quality fish oil supplement.

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