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Coach Dee Monday Video Series: Neck and Shoulders

Hey Enduro Bites athletes!

Coach Dee of the Yeti/Fox Factory Race Team here to for week six of the “after the weekend” videos to help you recover from the sports you played over the weekend!

Over the past weeks, we’ve looked at a few stretches for the pelvis area in the front, back and inside of the hip, as well as around the knee.

This week we finish out the series with a focus on the rotator cuff and neck stretches.

A few things to remember if you struggle with any knee discomfort:

  1. Make sure you aren’t overtraining- ensure proper rest
  2. Pay attention to them with stretching and self-care like in this series
  3. BE careful with the neck stretches and don’t do them too hard or you will get a headache! Be gentle!
  4. Hydrate… period!
  5. Rotator cuff self-therapy will help you regain range of motion loss and knock down pain.
  6. Warm up before activity or training.

Function-  The rotator cuff is the mobile joint of the shoulder and it only attached to the body by the clavicle or collarbone! Did you know that? Your arm and shoulder only have one bone keeping it attached to the body! That’s why it’s important to do video #5 and 6 regularly to keep that thorax and rotator cuff moving well, especially since most all the activities you want to play involve a strong functioning shoulder.

And the neck is important to keep flexible mostly because it is put under a load of stress every day just by poor posture at your seated work place, so these stretches will help with a better head position as well as increasing its overall function.

In the end, work all six weeks of self-therapy into your regular schedule of fitness and you’ll see a great difference in how you move and play this summer!

Check us out at for training programs that will benefit any athletes even though they may by mountain bike specific. And if you need a coach for your sport, hit me up, I can help! or 303-883-0435.

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