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EPIC Adventure Giveaway

Whether you’re headed to the desert over Thanksgiving to shred on single track and red rocks, or you’re dusting off the fat bike for the cold months ahead, this giveaway aims to put a little extra power in your pedal!

All the gear up for grabs is women-specific, but men you can enter too and pass the loot onto your lady friends. Just think ... Christmas shopping ... D.O.N.E! 

Here’s the list of what one lucky winner will pick up – more than $1,000 in value!

Vida: Colorado clinic entry June 2nd, 2018

Beti Bike Bash: Colorado race entry June 3rd, 2018

Evoc: Hydration pack

Ergon: GA2 grips and SMA3 Saddle, winner picks color

Shredly: Mountain bike shorts of winner’s choice and trucker hat

Orucase: Custom MTB saddle bag

Action Wipes: Action Wipes Adventure Pack & Mountain Bike Survival Kit

Enduro Bites: Enduro Bites 24 pack and Beta Red (30 servings)

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MORE about the prizes:

Enduro Bites

Tired of mass-produced food bars being passed off as sports-nutrition products? We were and that why we created Enduro Bites.
We start with recipes refined by working with world-class endurance athletes, add the highest-quality ingredients, and handcraft each batch daily. The only way to get fresher products is to make it yourself (which, by the way, is a great thing).
Each of our 4 delicious flavors is free of common allergens such as dairy, tree nuts, soy, and wheat (including gluten) so you can perform your best. They are also free of artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, and GMO ingredients.
Why do we go to the trouble of doing this? Because fresh food tastes better!

What you win: 24ct Variety Pack of Enduro Bites and Beta Red pre-workout formula 30 serving bag.

Action Wipes

Life Elements, Inc. is a small woman-owned company creating performance body care tools for athletes of all sizes and abilities. Each of their products is designed and produced in California.  From their award-winning Action Wipes, which is the only body wipe to carry the prestigious EWG VERIFIED™ Certification to their honey-based Healing Body Care, their products are literally a gift from nature to soothe, clean and protect your body.   ith a long history of supporting women athletes, their products are used around the world from commuters and families to elite athletes including Rebecca Rusch and the CANYON-SRAM Professional Women’s Cycling Team. 

What you win: Action Wipes Adventure Pack & Mountain Bike Survival Kit


Ergonomics for Cyclists. Perfectly Realized.
100% German designed and engineered. The Ergon development team consists specialists in various fields. There are bike experts, racers, sports scientists, physicians, ergonomics experts, and engineers. It is a comprehensive team that places an immense amount of effort on the development of cycling grips, saddles, backpacks and much more. In the smallest of details, Ergon makes the difference confirming that Ergon products are the industry leader.

What you win: GA2 grips and SMA3 Saddle. Winner picks color


SHREDLY offers women's MTB-inspired adventure apparel that is made in the USA and infused with style, bright and colorful designs, and love. A whole lotta love.

What you win: Women's MTB short and Trucker Hat


Designed to hold 2 road tubes (or 1 29er tube), plus tire levers, multi-tool, CO2, as well as miscellaneous small parts. A leather patch protects against abrasion with seatpost hardware, while a Voile ski strap provides a sleek, strong single-strap attachment system that won’t wear out of chafe your shorts like traditional hook-and-loop fasteners.
What you win: Custom Orucase Saddlebag

Vida Mountain Bike Camps 

The VIDA MTB Series will take place the day before the Beti Bike Bash, the largest women's-only mountain bike event in the country. This race is perfect for ALL levels and a great opportunity for never-evers. VIDA coaches will cover all of the basics and give interested participants an inside look at race-specific considerations. You'll get a leg up on the competition, and most importantly, you'll learn important principles like body positioning to have more fun riding with friends.

What you win: (1ea) entry to the VIDA MTB Series Clinic on Saturday, June 2 and one (1ea) entry to the Beti Bike Bash race on Sunday, June 3 in Colorado




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  • Adria m. Allen

    My husband and I are doing volunteer work in Mozambique , Africa. I rolled our truck which had our 2 mnt. Bikes on top. Squished and totally destroyed; (. Bought an orucase to send over old bike with friend. LOVE the case. No problems at all with airport, transport. Thanks

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