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Don't Eat Around Fat People

From the Wall Street Journal, Swiss researchers show that subtle weigh-related cues affect food quantity consumed.

During a tasting by 47 volunteers, the computer screen displayed an image of three extremely thin humanlike figures in an Alberto Giacometti sculpture. For the other 48 participants, the image displayed was of a Mark Rothko painting of two different-colored, horizontally arranged rectangles.

When the Rothko painting was displayed, people consumed on average 6.4 chocolates per person. That compared with 4.7 pieces of chocolate consumed when the Giacometti sculptures were displayed. The researchers said most participants didn’t notice the artwork on the computer screens, according to questionnaires completed after the tasting.

Can’t help but think that the thinness, or fatness, of those around us at meal time has the same effect.

To be safe, avoid eating at Wal-Mart.

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