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Coach Dee Monday Video Series: Take Care of Your Knees!

Hey Enduro Bites athletes!

Coach Dee of the Yeti/Fox Factory Race Team here to for week three of six of the “after the weekend” videos to help you recover from the sports you played over the weekend!

The last two weeks we’ve looked at a few stretches for the pelvis area in the front, back and inside of the hip.

This week we move down to the knee with a few tips to take care of it.

A few things to remember if you struggle with any knee discomfort:

  1. Make sure you aren’t overtraining – proper rest is important!
  2. Pay attention to them with stretching and self care like in this series
  3. The knee is a slave to the function or dysfunction of the hip and ankle, so if you have knee pain, check the hip and ankle and address those issues first before going to the knee.
  4. Hydrate … period!
  5. Do self massage on the knee, especially if you have a surgery history.
  6. Warm up before activity or training.

Function - the knee is mostly a hinge joint creating knee flexion and extension with only a small degree of rotation. It comprises of the femur coming down from the hip; and the Tibia and Fibula coming up from the ankle. It has many muscles that cross over it, from the upper leg to lower leg - the Quadriceps and the Hamstrings. From the lower leg to the upper leg - the Gastrocnemius group.

So exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges, hamstring curls and calf raises are effective ways to keep those knees working and feeling well!

About Dee Tidwell: Dee Tidwell is the coach of choice for the Yeti/Fox Factory Race Team. He is also the owner of Enduro MBT Training, based in Denver, CO. EMT’s comprehensive cycling approach to soft tissue therapy and performance training programs fosters an environment of success, winning, and athlete longevity.

Coach Dee applies the techniques and principles he teaches to his own racing career. In 2014, Dee won the overall championship of the 40+ division in the Big Mountain Enduro Series. In 2015, he took 2nd overall and he placed 3rd in 2016! #thisstuffworks

Check out coach Dee's comprehensive training program for more info, and a downloadable 6-month fitness program that will help you step up your mountain biking, cycling and other activities this season!

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