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Bicycling Magazine's Fit Chick: Go With Your Gut

It's no surprise we're big fans of Selene Yeager's Fit Chick column in Bicycling Magazine. She gives an honest and refreshing take on riding, racing, and related lifestyle topics familiar to cyclists. We admit, this time we were especially psyched to see Enduro Bites were part of the plan to fuel Selene in the grueling Iron Cross.

Food. By this time in the season, I get a little sick of the energy foods I’ve been using all year. So I was actually giddy when fellow racer Kelli Emmett shipped me a box of Enduro Bites. They’re all natural, gluten-free, fig-based 100-calorie squares that come four in a sleeve. Normally I’d say someone was out of her mind to take a new food to a major race. But, I cracked one open, had a taste and trusted that I’d be fine. Race morning, I slipped a sleeve of the bars in my back pocket along with the usual PowerBar Energy Blasts.

Read the whole column and find out how Selene made this year's Iron Cross a race to remember. 

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