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Beta Red Tips from Dee Tidwell

Hey everyone, Dee Tidwell here. I’m the purveyor of Enduro MTB Training an online mountain bike fitness training company specializing in training programs for mountain bikers and enduro racers.

Part of my “job”, besides helping others be the best they can be on their mountain bikes, is to personally test my training protocols by racing enduro races like the Big Mountain Enduro series here in Colorado. As a 49-year-old racer, I’ve sponsored and competed in the BME series for the last four years and have accomplished being on each of the top podium spots for three of those years.

Of course part of my success is my training, but also my race day nutrition. I’ve used Enduro Bites' products for the last three years and am especially impressed by the Beta Red performance formula. I use it for my gym workouts, riding and racing as well, and here is what I find beneficial for my clients and me. 

First, it tastes good! What? A beet juice / amino acid blend that doesn’t taste like you just plopped an entire beet in your mouth? It’s actually light and refreshing.

pre-workout formula

Second, I use as recommended, 30-45 minutes before a training session and I can genuinely say I feel a difference when I don’t drink it compared to when I do. When I do, I feel the amino acid support almost right away. But more importantly, it all but removes those little head rushes I get even though I have a pretty low blood pressure and am prone to minor head rushes during heavy gym days

Third, when I do my ‘cardio’ training or outdoor training, Beta Red helps me the most in those sucky first 15 minutes of a ride before I get warm and switch over into the aerobic system… you know what I’m talking about. But seriously, it seems to help me have less leg burn and a lot less of that dreaded “dead leg” feeling.

Lastly, I can honestly say that I can tell a difference in continual use on the mountain during long days, especially during enduro race events. If I start the day with the recommended amount and then repeat it half way through the day, I feel like it keeps my mind sharper and my cardio system working more efficiently. I know it’s a hard thing to quantify, but I can only compare it to those days I haven’t taken Beta Red, and when I do that, there is a difference in my performance!

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