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Beta Red for Indoor Training

It’s the time of year when many of us resort to indoor training to avoid frigid temperatures. Since indoor workouts are typically shorter, and often more intense, it makes sense to do everything possible to get the most from these abbreviated sessions. Whether you are Swifting, strength training, or doing some other workout confined to the indoors, Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula will improve your first workout with it AND help you get stronger over time. 

Beta Red contains nitrate-rich beet juice powder to increase oxygen delivery to working muscles and we all know that good old O2 is a limiting factor when it comes to performance. Just try holding your breathe for more than a handful of seconds during your next workout if you're not convinced.

Just as importantly, Beta Red’s performance amino acid blend of Beta Alanine, Citruline Malate, and Betaine supports muscular performance and recovery to let you push further and recover faster between efforts.

The overall combination is the ideal training partner for hard training sessions regardless of whether they are done inside or outside. 

Intense offseason workouts can make the difference between staying at the same level or rising to the next, so it’s crucial to get the most from them. Think of Beta Red as the training partner who helps push you to new heights.

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