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Athlete Spotlight : Yeti Beti Mountain Bike Team

Every so often we want to take a moment and tell everyone about some of the incredible athletes we support. We are lucky enough to work with some awfully gifted and dedicated athletes; athletes that go hard, understand what they want out of a nutritional product and give back to the community. 

Today we are featuring not just one athlete, but an entire team of them -- the women who make up the Yeti Beti Mountain Bike Team -- Amy, Chelsea, Natalie, Julia, Kelli, Sarah, Michelle, Cat, Jacque, and Wendy. This was the first team we sponsored and if you've been to a mountain bike race in Colorado, you've likely come across at least one these incredible ladies.

What we appreciate most about the Yeti Betis is that they understand that riding and racing are about more then just results. Sure, they all want to perform their best, but they also know how to have fun. Their passion and attitude are the reasons they have been able to pull so many new riders into the sport. The fact they also put on the coolest women's-only mountain bike race, the annual Beti Bike Bash, doesn't hurt, either.

Make sure to say "hi" the next time you see them on the trails, and don't be shy about supporting one of Colorado's coolest mountain bike teams. You can follow the team online at

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