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Ambassador Spotlight: Amity Warme

By Brian Maslach

Please join me in welcoming Enduro Bites' newest athlete ambassador, Amity Warme!

Not only is Amity a tenacious athlete, she also has a wealth of nutritional knowledge for athletes who push their limits.

I'll let her do the talking.

My name is Amity Warme. I am a chronically over-stoked rock climber, perpetually pursuing the next big adventure. I find climbing compelling because it provides the opportunity for me to push my limits, physically and mentally, while exploring incredible landscapes and connecting with fellow adventure enthusiasts. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Sport Nutrition at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. I hope to use my knowledge to help athletes maximize their performance potential through optimal nutrition practices. I live in a van with my husband, Connor. We spend much of the year traveling to various climbing destination around the western United States and seeking out adventures, both on and off the rock. A couple of my favorite destinations include: Indian Creek (UT), North Cascades (WA), and Rocky Mountain National Park (CO).

In addition to following her climbing exploits, Amity has a wealth of nutritional knowledge that I'm excited to share with our followers. Watch for her first article in the next couple of weeks.



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