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Beta Red for One, Beta Red for All!

We're going to be at two of our favorite Arizona events - the Whiskey Off-Road and Chino Grinder - over the next couple of weeks and we want to share our excitement with everyone by giving away Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula.

Come to our booth at either event and register and receive your own double-serving packet. Not going to be at either of these races? No problem! You can register for your free Beta Red here.

Not familiar with Beta Red? It's just the most effective pre-workout product for endurance athletes with a potent blend of beet juice and synergistic amino acids to improve aerobic efficiency. What's aerobic efficiency? It's the ability to do more work for a given amount of oxygen, and it's critical for riding, running, and swimming faster, regardless of whether you're on top of Pikes Peak or at sea level. In other words, Beta Red lets you do more with the oxygen available to you.

As a bonus, Beta Red also improves muscular endurance, as well as sprint performance at the end of exhaustive workouts (and races). Because, who doesn't want to finish their next race with more kick?

Sensitive to caffeine? Not to worry! Unlike traditional pre-workout products, Beta Red doesn't have any. Don't get us wrong, we like caffeine, but the right amount is key and there is a wide variation on how much works best for each of us. As a result, we left it out of Beta Red. Besides, we'd rather enjoy our caffeine from a nice cup of coffee and take advantage of the other health benefits that come along with it.

Limit one packet per person and first come, first serve since supplies are limited.

In case you missed the link about, click here to register.





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