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Looking for A Few Good Men (and Women)

We’re looking for a few exceptional people to help spread the word about our products.

You see, we aren’t good marketers; never have been. Our passion is developing and making great products to help people perform better. This is rare since few nutrition brands make their own products these days.

Thus, we’re looking for active, athletic individuals who share passion for our products and an athletic lifestyle to help spread the word. Said individuals must have a strong reach in-person and/or online. They need not be world championship contenders, although being in such a position does give one a platform to influence others.

Having a passion for our products is a serious requirement, however. We are not looking for anyone who simply wants to check off the box of having a nutrition sponsor. There are brands with much larger marketing budgets who are better to approach for this.

Likewise, we also are not looking for anyone who feels entitled to freebies because they made a Cat 4 podium at the local criterium. Race results alone don’t mean much to us. While placing well at big events can help give one a platform, it doesn’t guarantee one will make constructive use of it.

Interested? Reach out to me here so we can discuss how you could fit in.



  • Mike Durner

    First, your products are delicious and the bites are a nice change from most other nutrition products. As a coach, I’m not looking for one dedicated nutritional sponsor. I like to try what’s out there to provide the athletes that I have the pleasure of working with benefit of my experience, so hopefully they put their money into something that works for them. That said, I do use Enduro Bites as part of my person nutrition and if I can offer my athletes better knowledge of your products or a small discount, that would be a fantastic benefit.
    Thanks for your offer and time.

  • Tom Fleck

    I love the product. I coach about 25 athletes. I love training and speak passionately about it to anyone that will listen. I have been using the product in and off for a long time. I am always giving product referrals. We don’t have a nutrition sponsor. I believe in people finding what works for them and pursuing it. For me that includes your products. Not sure why but it never really occurred to me to push your product. I’ve always thought of it as my secret weapon when I am in the zone with my training. Anyway, not looking for any huge sponsorship. Just really believe in the product personally. Here is the website for the team.

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