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Honey Lip Goo
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We teamed up with Action Wipes because it shares our philosophy of only putting the best IN and ON your body. Its Honey Lip Goo nourishes super dry, chapped and irritated lips with a therapeutic blend of raw honey, beeswax, pollen, royal bee jelly and propolis, along with nourishing oils and shea butter.

Many commonly available lip balms make your lips feel better in the short term, while actually drying them out further in the long-term. The Healing Honey Lip Goo avoids ingredients with these ill effects – such as camphor, phenol and menthol – and instead uses the best available natural ingredients.

Action Wipes is a small, woman-owned, certified-minority business based in Atascadero, California. All its products are designed and made in California. Action Wipes’ founder Martha Van Inwegen was born and raised in Mexico. She learned the ancient art of healing through natural remedies from her grandmother. 


Honey: Olive Oil; Beeswax; Sweet Almond Oil; Shea Butter; Goldenseal Leaf; flavor; blend of Honey, Bee Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly; Caprylic/Capric/Stearic Glycerides (Vegetable Origin); Calendula Extract; Tocopherols (Vitamin E)

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